Should you quit your job if your new boss doesn’t like you?

The question is not does you boss like you or not, but does he treat you fairly or not.
In my case, the higher esteem I have in my team members, the harder I will be with them. Not because I don’t like them but because I know they can do better than the others, and I want them to give me their best. Good people love being challenged as they like the feeling of having delivered something exceptional and of developing.
My people know it and they are used to me challenging them a lot. At the contrary, I will be very polite and soft with my n-2 or 3. Because I know that a harsh comment from me could be very difficult to take for them.
Also, when I have a new team, it is quite common to micro-manage them for a while, until I know how autonomous each person is and how much help they need + how much I can trust them (meaning no need to review their work)
So this is to say that first you need to make sure that really your boss does not like you, that he is not just testing you or challenging you.
You can wait a bit to see if this is confirmed, you can look for real evidences that he does not like you (he says hi to everyone except you for example), or you can even go and confront him “I would like to know if you are happy with my work and attitude and if their are things that you would like me to improve” for example.
Once you have the absolute proof that he really does not like you, and treat you unfairly because of that, consider looking for another job as you will start being more and more reluctant to go to work and it can easily become a true nightmare. Better stop it before it is too late!