Morning shower is clearly what put my brain to work. But not sure this is motivation.. this is the routine that helps me go from the “I want to stay in bed for ever” state.. to “I am ready for life”
So much for a routine!
But if you ask me how I keep my motivation up and why am I always on the go.. then I would answer: perspective.
I am healthy enough, I have a great husband, kids, job, house.. etc. What else can I want in life? If I not happy and motivated with all I have. Will I ever be ?
When I was 22 I went to work in Nigeria. When I was 20 I did some caritative work in Mali. This type of experience makes you understand how lucky you are and you will never complain again after the price of diesel (or whatever else you usually complain about). Life becomes beautiful and you are motivated for ever
You just need to get in that morning shower!

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