In fact, we should always quit when we are at the top – so we leave on a good impression and feeling great.
After many year working at the corporate office in top executive jobs, I actually ask for a much lower operational job. I went to manage a factory in China, when I was the global head of maintenance for a major company, managing 12,000 people in 80 countries. Why? Because I was becoming bored of my Corporate/strategic job, spending my time creating smart slides, which I was showing to top executives… It was great, I learnt a lot, and my vision actually made a big difference to the company, which I was quite proud of., but I had reached a stage where I needed action
I wanted to get my hands dirty again and work on real problems with real people. Get this daily reward of working with teams and see the immediate result of your action.
It was a difficult decision, I was losing on the money side, on the status side.. etc. but I have no regret, it was like a breath of fresh air. I then moved back now to corporate role again, but different company, different challenges, all new and good.

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