I have always quit my jobs the same way..
1 – ask for a 1-to-1 meeting wit my direct boss to explain the reasons why I am leaving. Only once did I have to do it by phone as I was based in Shanghai and he was in Houston!
2 – Make sure that you have good reasons enough to leave. Nothing personal with your boss, but circumstances, family reasons, better opportunity, better challenge.. etc (even if you have to distort a bit the truth to do it)
3 – Make sure that you have explored all other avenues before the meeting. If your boss comes back and answer some of your request.. will you stay? well – this is actually the worst you can do, as you would have breached the trust and it will be difficult to regain it. So make sure you have asked all questions (such as salary negotiation, if this is the topic)
4 – at the time of the meeting, you should be able to explain to your boss the hand-over process. Once, I was quitting and 15 days after my last theoretical day, there was a very big visit planed in the plant I was managing. I offered to stay 2 more weeks if that could help – but they managed to handle it without me

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