When he recruited me, he told me that I should spend couple of years in the head quarter to learn everything I should know about the business and then I would go on a project, which is what I really wanted to do.
I was working on big tenders and everyone was very happy with my work. After 1.5 year, I asked to put my resume in tenders as in the construction world, you define the project team at that point. They would find all excuses not to. A project I was really interested in passed by, L insisted to have my name in the team. No again.. then I realized that they were putting people with much less experience than me.. but men. It became very clear that they would never send a woman on a project.
I went to my N+2, and asked him how I was going to end up in a project if my name was not included in the tenders. He said “you know, these promises that we make when we recruit someone…”
They received my resignation letter the next morning. The GM called me and told that he was very upset I was leaving and what could he do to convince me to stay? -Nothing. And I left.

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